3rd Chief Financial Officers Meeting


Analyzing financial management from a global, strategic perspective is essential in today’s business context. Examining it based on the combination of knowledge and experience facilitates reflection and relaxed, practical dialogue. That’s what the CFO is supposed to do.

The topics of regional and world governance that every CFO is expected to be aware of include geostrategic risks, the monetary policies implemented by supranational institutions such as the European Union, and the impact of Brexit. These are not obscure or unimportant matters. They have a direct or indirect impact on the CFO’s area of decision-making and responsibilities.

Some areas of financial management are more familiar due to practice and formal knowledge. For example, corporate governance, financing structures, the CFO’s role as a driver of the culture of innovation, the importance of taxation, talent management and the skills required for good financial management, the CFO’s role as a growth driver and his/her importance as a strategic senior executive are all topics about which a perspective based on real practice and an understanding of the theory can generate new ideas and novel approaches.

The 3rd. Chief Financial Officers Meeting aims to spark dialogue between CFOs, entrepreneurs, managers and academics so that they can reflect on their professional occupations and concerns, as well as the long-term trends they foresee and how these trends can be included in their work agenda.