3rd Chief Financial Officers Meeting



Welcome and Breakfast


Opening Session

  • Prof. Javier Santomá, Academic Director, IESE Business School
  • Jesús Navarro, Partner responsible for the CFO's Program, Deloitte
  • Alberto Nadal, Secretary of State for Budget and Expenditures, Ministry of Finance and Civil Service


The Economic and Financial Context after Brexit and its impact on companies

The current financial climate is being shaped by global economic, social and political agendas. The new Trump era, Brexit and China’s development, among other aspects, are key to properly understanding the global economic situation and its evolution.

  • Prof. Juan José Toribio, IESE Business School


Coffee Break


The transmission of European monetary policy and implications for CFOs

The ECB’s monetary policies have implications for national policy and business. The transmission of European monetary policy has repercussions for decision-making by corporate financial managers, through credit, the purchase of corporate bonds and financing from non-bank financial institutions. The ECB’s agenda, and its success, expectations and impact on interest rates are critical issues in financial management. Companies must manage risks and changes and adapt their strategies to new environments.

Moderator: Prof. Javier Santomá, IESE Business School
  • Prof. José Manuel Campa, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, Banco Santander
  • Prof. Christian Eufinger, IESE Business School


Financial management and talent management

The profiles required for financial functions and responsibilities are constantly changing. Talent management is a major challenge for financial management departments. Current challenges include managing and changing profiles, the skills needed for the financial functions of the future and digital finance skills, and the challenge of retaining talent and making financial functions more appealing in order to attract talent to the industry.

Moderator: Joan Pere Salom, Partner, Deloitte

  • José Carlos Cuevas de Miguel, CFO, Duro Felguera
  • Manuel Manfredi, CFO, L’Oréal
  • Raimon Trías, CFO, Nueva Pescanova




Corporate governance. Shareholding and financial decision-making

The shareholding structure of companies and corporate governance systems are key to exercising financial management. Many of the decisions made by financial managers are affected by aspects such as the role of shareholders, assets, liabilities and investment funds, cross-shareholding positions, and the dynamics of proxy voting.

Moderador: Prof. Miguel Antón, IESE Business School
  • Enrique Dupuy, CFO, IAG
  • Prof. Mireia Giné, IESE Business School


Financial models

The CFO must articulate the most appropriate financing models for the needs of the company and for each moment and set of circumstances, and must take account of the strategy, the variety of models and greater diversification. The European private placements market, among others, is a recent development of the market and represents a competitive long-term financing alternative for companies.

Moderator: Alejandro González de Aguilar, Partner, Deloitte

  • María Castro, Project Finance and Structured Finance, Sacyr Concesiones
  • Sergio Criado, CFO, LAR España
  • Carlos Marino, CFO, Tecnocom


The CFO’s role in digital transformation

CFOs play an essential part in the corporate digital transformation process: they must understand the challenges, opportunities and risks of the digital environment to take joint lead in defining and implementing the business models that will enable their company to get the most out of the new digital era (block chains, big data, analytics, mobility, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, social media and cybersecurity). CFOs have learned that going digital creates value. Therefore, given that CFOs are responsible for creating value for shareholders, it is only logical for them to be considered one of the chief leaders in the process of adopting new digital business models by actively participating as strategists or catalysts of the transformation and understanding the real application of technological advances and the impact they have on business to be able to profit from the new opportunities they provide.

Moderator: Pablo González Muñoz, Partner, Deloitte

  • Miguel Camino, CFO, Maxam 
  • Javier López Calvet, CFO, Carrefour
  • Diego Martínez-Caro, Management Control & Resources, CEPSA