6th Insurance Industry Meeting


Future Strategies

The 6th edition of the Insurance Industry Meeting, organized with IESE-CIF and EY, will focus on specific activities that will be critical for the future of insurance. Implemented in January 2016, Solvencia II is now a reality that will have important effects on insurance companies among other firms, particularly in terms of digitalization processes and the treatment of risk.

Moreover, we will have discussion panels addressing current topics such as the effects of low interest rate environments, the problem of mediators, credit and exportation insurance and, finally, the issue of mergers and acquisitions, which will impact many insurance companies in the near future.

The Meeting will include the presence of prominent national insurance professionals, as well as those from the international sphere, who will share their vision of markets more mature than ours. In other words, the Insurance Industry Meeting will focus on those areas that are key for companies in the coming years.