29th Automotive Industry Meeting



The unprecedented challenges facing the automotive industry require solutions that go beyond engineering and innovation. Rather than inquiring about the latest features and options, younger consumers are more often asking, “Why should I own a car”? and “How sustainable is this product?” Indeed, many young consumers place more value on a state-of-the-art smartphone than on a car.

At the same time, many politicians – especially those in large metropolitan areas – view the automotive industry as the culprit of traffic jams and carbon emissions rather than a wellspring of innovation, industry clusters and future-proof employment.

In this shifting context, IESE Business School will gather senior automotive executives, leading academics and industry experts for the 29th Automotive Industry Meeting (IESE AUTO) to discuss the future of the automotive industry and its impact on the global economy, innovation, employment, and education, as well as on our standard of living.

This year’s meeting will shed light on these vital issues while addressing strategic questions affecting Spanish, European and global markets, thus allowing IESE to continue its longstanding tradition of gathering industry experts to debate and discuss the challenges confronting “the industry of industries.”