20th Telecom, Digital Media & Information Society Industry Meeting



The growth of the information and communications (ICT) sector and ongoing emergence of new technologies and solutions have led to a paradigm shift in the way we communicate. As consumers become increasingly mobile and "connected", global companies from a wide range of sectors – health, education, automotive, finance, tourism, and energy, just to name a few – have been faced with new challenges and opportunities.

The ICT industry is rapidly advancing as a result, as its value chain evolves into a complex network of relationships called an ICT ecosystem. The ICT ecosystem has generated tremendous value that numerous players – telecom operators, digital media companies, technology providers and information-based businesses – have attempted to capture. Yet despite the gains to be made, many ICT firms find their current business models to be ineffective. To remain competitive in the ICT sector, business model innovation and transformation has become the name of the game.

What does the future hold for the ICT industry? How will this complex scenario unfold? These issues will be addressed at the 20th Telecom, Digital Media & Information Society Industry Meeting, which will gather the best strategic minds and industry experts to predict and analyze future trends in the ICT sector and how global companies can exploit the opportunities that they present.