Review of Accounting Studies 2017 Conference


Conference Papers

  • Defining, Measuring and Modeling Accruals: A Guide for Researchers – Chad Larson (Houston), Richard Sloan (Berkeley/USC), and Jenny Zha Giedt (George Washington)

  • The Effect of Income Shifting on the Information Environment: Evidence from Two-State Least Squares and SFAS 131 – Ciao-Wei Chen (Illinois), Bradford Hepfer (Texas A&M), Phillip Quinn (Washington), and Ryan Wilson (Oregon)

  • Information Transfer and Conference Calls – Alina Lerman (Yale), Kalin Kolev (Yale), and Francois Brochet (Boston University)

  • When and Why do IPO Firms Manage Earnings? – Yonca Ertimur (Colorado), Ewa Sleeten (Boston College), Jayanthi Sunder (Arizona), and Joseph Weber (MIT)

  • Debt Contracts in the Presence of Performance Manipulation – Ivan Marinovic (Stanford) and Ilan Guttman (NYU)

  • Opportunistic Financial Reporting Around Municipal Bond Issues – Amanda Beck (Georgetown)