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EMIS enhances its global industry coverage

We are delighted to announce a significant revamp of EMIS (Emerging Markets Information Service) global industry coverage with the addition of three new providers and the expansion of the current collaboration with a fourth. This expansion will provide users with a more varied research offering in order to benchmark and compare industry findings, whilst providing the breadth and depth for which EMIS is known.

EMIS will now be receiving approximately 2,000 new global industry reports per year, covering both traditional and non-traditional sectors and niche sub-sectors. These reports will be made available at the end of the month in which they are published, with no embargo. All reports are available from 2015 onwards, providing an established library of reports to inform your research immediately.

Three new global industry research providers:

• Allied Market Research - approximately 1,000 reports a year
• Grand View Research - approximately 300 reports per year
• BIS Research (Business Intelligence and Strategy Research) - over 150 market research reports published annually

Each research report incorporates detailed analysis and subsequent quantification of market dynamics, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, threats, market shares, current and emerging industry trends as well as detailed competitive landscape and intelligence.

In addition to this, they have expanded their partnership with GRDS Reports to cover an additional 122 industry sub-sectors.

How to access to EMIS?
Access campus-wide and off campus from the Databases page.

You can find these global industry links added from both the Industry mega menu and the Quick links drop-down (see Sources).