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Business Book Summaries - Audio available

Now Business Book Summaries has Audio Summaries available.

Business Book Summaries (BBS) provides comprehensive, yet concise summaries of the best business books. Each summary is written in an easy-to-read format that enables readers to acquire business knowledge quickly and efficiently. BBS summaries are written in over 30 languages and are accessible in a variety of formats, including PDF, MP3, HTML, and PowerPoint.

Each summary provides a comprehensive overview of key concepts, suggestions for related reading and details on key features in the book. BBS summaries are not simply extracts of the book text, but careful summaries of the books' main points. BBS offers concise and effective summaries of the best business books for professional development. Publishers include Harvard Business School Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, and others.

How to access to Business Book Summaries - Audio?

Access Business Book Summaries campus-wide and off campus, from the Databases page.

When the Audio icon Audio Summaries link is available, you can download an audio recorded version of the summary in MP3 format.