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Trucost on trial

The Library has Trucost on trial until February 22, 2016.

Trucost data identifies environmental risk and opportunity across company operations, supply chains and investment portfolios. Trucost's environmental register provides the world's most comprehensive natural capital data covering 93% of global markets by market capitalization to help investors embed natural capital considerations within traditional investment analysis. Their data and insight supports fundamental analysis, best in class, investment screening, risk monitoring, engagement & thematic research.

IESE Faculty, Researchers and Students:

• Access data on the most material environmental impacts of companies in the Trucost Environmental Register
• View information on a company’s peers, sectors and indices
• View natural capital valuation data for a range of years
• Export data sets to Excel

IESE Faculty and Researchers, also:

• Access to the Trucost Valuation Calculator
• Access to Trucost Company Briefings

How to access to Trucost?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the Databases on trial page clicking on Trucost EBoard if you are a IESE Professor o Researcher, or clicking on Trucost Online, if you are a IESE Student.
Ask Library staff for password.

As this is a trial account the download functionality has been switched off. In addition, the universe of companies you have access to in this trial account has been limited to a sample set so youwon't be able to see all indices or companies covered by Trucost during your trial period. Trucost's Environmental Register holds data on 4,500 companies globally, and subscribers have options to access different universes based on their requirements.  

Duration of trial: until February 22, 2016.