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RepRisk on WRDS on trial

The Library has RepRisk on WRDS on trial until October 19, 2016.

RepRisk is a leading business intelligence provider, specializing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk analytics and metrics. Harnessing a proprietary, systematic framework that leverages cutting-edge technology and hands-on human intelligence in 15 languages, RepRisk curates and delivers dynamic risk information for an unlimited universe of companies. Since 2006, RepRisk has built and continues to grow the most comprehensive ESG risk database that serves as a due diligence, research, and monitoring tool in risk management, compliance, investment management, corporate benchmarking, and supplier risk. The database currently includes risk profiles for over 55,000 public and private companies, 14,000 projects, as well as for every sector and country in the world.


• 55,000+ public and private companies, all countries, sectors
• 14,000+ project-level data, including mines, pipelines, etc.
• Unique perspective on company performance and risk exposure – based on media, stakeholders and third-party sources in 15 languages

Through this trial we have access to RepRisk's base package:

• Data for 10,000 publicly-traded companies 
• Data history from 2007 to 2015


• Investment analysis and portfolio screening of companies related to ESG and reputational risks
• Credit risk analysis, due diligence and compliance review of companies related to Know-Your-Customer
• Sector- and country-level research related to ESG
• Supply chain analysis and supplier screening related to ESG and reputational risks
• Benchmarking of companies on sustainability-related issues
• Analysis and monitoring of NGO activities
• Research on ESG and reputational issues and trends

How to access to RepRisk?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the Databases on trial page. You need to obtain your WRDS account.

Duration of trial: until October 19, 2016.