The 1st IESE-LUISS Conference on Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship

The 1st IESE-LUISS Conference on Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship


Conference Venue

LUISS Business School

LUISS Business School was founded in 1986, successfully launching its first MBA program in 1991. It is located in the world heritage city of Rome, where culture, beauty, and history provide a unique environment and a memorable life experience for its students. The School occupies two of the four campuses of LUISS University, which are situated in the most remarkable and artistic parts of Rome. The campuses are currently located in the city center and cover a broad range of dedicated facilities, including teaching classrooms, faculty rooms, meeting spaces, career services, healthcare, academic press, libraries, LUISS Radio, and restaurants and cafes.  

Villa Blanc campus, Villa (plenary sessions)
LUISS Business School, Villa Blanc Campus, Via Nomentana 216, 00162 Rome, Italy (view map)

In 2016, the School moved to Villa Blanc, a historical mansion with six surrounding buildings within a four-hectare park, populated by typical Mediterranean and exotic plants. The main Villa at the center of the mansion is one of the most charming buildings in Rome. It was devised and erected by the architect and archeologist Giacomo Boni at the end of the 19th century, and financed by Alberto Blanc, who at the time was Foreign Minister of King Umberto I. The different architectural and decorative elements of the building resemble the Renaissance style and are a forerunner of the Liberty style.

The campus is managed on the principles of the highest-quality facilities, environmental sustainability, and best use of space. The most up-to-date technologies provide students and faculty with a comfortable environment in which to study and teach.

Villa Blanc is located in a strategic position halfway between the Metro stops of Piazza Bologna and Annibaliano. Moreover, the campus is perfectly integrated in the public transport system at via Nomentana. The site is close to both the National Library and to other university campuses.

Viale Pola campus, Palazzina (parallel sessions)
LUISS Business School, Viale Pola Campus, Viale Pola, 12, 00198 Roma - Italy (view map)

Originally, the main building (Palazzina) located in the highest part of the campus was part of a larger property (almost 15 hectares) bought in 1722 by the Cardinal Giulio Alberoni, becoming his country residence. Later, after a number of transfers of ownership, involving relatives of Mussolini, it was bought by the Municipality of Rome. In the 1970s it became the LUISS headquarters, hosting the Offices of the Rector, of the General Manager and of the Director of the Business School. The campus around the Palazzina continues underground, and hosts several different environments in order to accommodate different teaching styles.