Future Healthcare Manager in Europe


Content and materials

The goal of the workshop is to discover and describe the new role and competencies of the future healthcare manager.

This workshop will combine interactive presentations with work in groups to facilitate group learning and debate.

The interactive presentations will focus on the following six topics and potential competencies:

  • Entrepreneurship in healthcare organizations
  • Positive leadership in heatlhcare
  • Value-based healthcare
  • Innovation and change management in healthcare organizations
  • Governance of healthcare organizations
  • Digital transformation in healthcare

Additionally, the workshop includes sessions and work in groups on:

  • Current situation and challenges of healthcare management in Europe, with particular focus in Spain, France and Sweden.
  • Current healthcare management competencies frameworks and initiatives

Materials of the workshop will be IESE cases and technical notes that will be provided to participants.

Participants of this FHME workshop include executives from healthcare organizations such as:

  • CEOs and managing directors
  • Medical directors and clinical leaders
  • departmental managers and chiefs
  • health management faculty and medical education professors
  • health policy makers and other healthcare senior management stakeholders