Finance and Organization Theory

Finance and Organization Theory

Understanding Finance from

an Organization Theory Perspective

New York, May 22, 2015 


Organization theorists and economic sociologists have been studying the financial sector for years, but in the last decade, perhaps due to the increasing centrality of financial markets and the 2008 financial crisis, the breadth and depth of our work in this area has grown exponentially.

This work has already led to important advances in institutional theory, in categorization, and in social movement theory, just to mention some of the theoretical traditions that informed this work.

This conference will showcase research from organization theorists and economic sociologists working on the following topics:

  • The impact of social networks and categorical structures on financial actors’ decisions and on the valuation of public firms.​ 

  • The evolution of the pathways through which different actors in society (governments, civil society, social movements, labor unions) can leverage financial processes to exert influence on corporations (responsible investing, shareholder engagement, stakeholder engagement).

  • The evolution of banking between local and global activity 

  • The impact of financial market on corporations

The conference will take place on May 22, 2015, at IESE Business School, New York Center.

Registration is free, but space is limited. Please send an email to if you are interested in attending.

   We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the European Research Council (Project ref: ERC-2010-StG 263604- SRITECH)