15th Luxury Goods Industry Meeting



Despite many years of remarkable growth, the Luxury Goods Industry is facing important challenges ahead.

Over the next few years, a range of disruptive factors may converge, potentially leading to a perfect storm for the industry. First, the prolonged stagnation of the global economy, and the resulting socio-political environmental changes might affect both consumption and the fiscal environment. Second, technological disruption is now in full flow and novel business models are emerging at different stages of the value chain, with unclear consequences for the industry. Finally, consumer trends, both in demographic and geographic terms, will require increasing marketing sophistication, raising the uncertainty faced by managers.

Will these factors lead to a perfect storm? Will managers be able to harness the disruptive power of these forces to strengthen the industry, rather than weaken it? The industry has experienced a fundamental transformation in the last decade, and it is now much better organized, better managed, and ready for the storm. But managers need to look at their choices with a fresh perspective, to make the right decisions for the future.

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