5th Chemical Industry Meeting


Thursday, October 10, 2013

9:30Welcome and Presentation of the Meeting
• Prof. Jordi Canals, Dean, IESE
• Prof. Juan Roure, Academic Director of the Meeting, IESE 
• Luis Serrano, President, feiQue
The complex reform of the electricity industry currently being implemented by the Spanish government is essential, given the defects in the system in recent years that have raised Spanish industry's energy costs so much that these costs have become one of the main reasons for the drop in spending. The reform should establish a viable energy framework that is stable over the long term and competitive for industrial consumers. We will also discuss shale gas, the energy source that has driven industrial competitiveness in the United States, but whose exploitation and production are still being debated in Europe and Spain. 

• Eduardo Gil, President, AEGE (Association of Companies that Consume Large Amounts of Energy)
• Pedro J. Mejía, Chairman & CEO, OMEL
• Juan Carlos Muñoz-Conde, Corporate General Manager, BNK Spain
• Erwin Rauhe, CEO, BASF Spain
• Anton Valero, President Spain and Portugal, Dow Chemical Ibérica and Vicepresident, feiQue
 Moderator: Prof. Juan Luis López Cardenete, IESE 
11:30Coffee Break
As indicated in the report "Horizon 2030 of the Spanish Chemical Industry," a strategic document prepared by feiQue in collaboration with IESE Business School, the chemical industry is expected to experience production growth of 4.5% per year until 2030. However, despite good global prospects, given the steady drop in industrial production in virtually every Member State of the European Union, including Spain, it is necessary to decide on an effective industrial policy that takes all competitiveness factors into account and guarantees the development of production sectors that can generate greater wealth and more jobs.

• Alejandro Cros, Deputy Director for Sectorial Industrial Policies, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism
• Timoteo de la Fuente, Policy Officer - Chemical Industry, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission
• Juan E. Iranzo, Dean-President of the Economists Association in Madrid
• Immaculada Riera i Reñé, Spokesperson on Industry of GP-CIU, Commission of Industry of the Spanish Congress of Deputies
• Juan Carlos Ruiz Dorado, Chemicals Business Director, Repsol
• Luis Serrano, President, feiQue and Country Manager Iberia, Solvay
Moderator: Fernando Galbis, Director, feiQue
13:30Buffet Lunch
The growth of businesses is closely linked to their capacity to finance their own development and access to markets through innovation and internationalization. There are many different public and private financing instruments that can facilitate business growth and expansion.

• Rosario Casero, Subdirectora de Estrategia y Evaluación, ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial)
• Josep Maria Lloreda, President, KH Lloreda
• Mercedes Pizarro, Project Management Director, ICEX/Invest in Spain 
• María Luisa Poncela, Secretary-General for Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad 
• Joan Roget, President, Fedequim
Speaker and moderator: Prof. Juan Roure, IESE; President, AEBAN (Asociación Española de Business Angels)
16:15 Break 

The aim of this forum is to provide support for the generation and development of entrepreneurial activity in the chemical industry by creating a platform for meetings between entrepreneurs with a project with high growth potential and potential private investors and family offices.

Startup and growth projects in initial development phases will be presented by committed entrepreneurial teams with experience in their sector and high-potential markets who need funding of between €200,000 and €2 million.

18:00 Closing