9th Sales and Marketing Officers Meeting


360º Client Management: A New Value-Generating Route to Market

Is my sales organization prepared for coming changes?

Can my sales force efficiently meet clients’ latest needs?

Is my business ready to develop different sales roles and manage different sales channels?

Is my business making the most of its saleswomen?

In recent years, Spanish senior managers have worked hard to adapt their sales forces to an adverse market. And yet those same managers understand the future will bring even greater changes.

The technological revolution is transforming the sales industry. Sales representatives now have access to burgeoning amounts of data on the decision-making process, as well as powerful information systems to help with the sales process, so there is no longer any excuse for them to be unaware of clients’ needs. That said, the Internet has not replaced salespeople in most sectors, though the rise of new sales channels has made it a noteworthy competitor.

At the same time, clients have become more sophisticated: they are no longer interested in meeting with salespeople who are little more than “talking catalogues.” The salesperson’s job is changing. We are moving away from someone who sells products and services toward a well-trained professional who sells solutions. Today’s salespeople must work in coordination with other people and tools that are playing a greater role in sales support. Social, economic and technological changes are sketching the profile of a client who is more complex and harder to identify, satisfy and keep.

What’s more, managers are not indifferent to women’s gradual integration into positions of responsibility in business and wonder why so few women work on sales teams.

This uncertain landscape may initially seem threatening, but we can make it a new opportunity if the company and our sales methods can be oriented toward holistic client management and a revamped sales team. If we’re going to satisfy the client on several levels, we need to consider ways of identifying, segmenting, selling to and managing clients using consultative sales methods and multiperson, multichannel management techniques.

At this meeting, we’ll discuss these issues from a highly practical perspective by analyzing the successful experiences and projects of specific companies. We will also draw conclusions from the results of the annual research project done by IESE Business School, which involves surveying hundreds of senior managers who are spearheading sales organizations in different sectors.


The meeting will include a series of papers by managers and guests organized in three panels:

1. Effective segmentation and use of information: reaching the client with precision
2. From selling to creating value: reaching the client with a new consultative vision
3. Women in sales

The market research project led by Professors Chiesa and Villanueva at IESE Business School will also be presented. Each participant will be given a copy of the survey conclusions.

In addition to papers, discussion sessions and the IESE research project, the panels will also open up to allow for interaction between panelists, faculty members and participants.

Who Should Attend

The meeting is aimed at:

• CEOs
• Sales Managers
• Sales and Marketing Directors
• HR Directors

Key Take-Aways

This meeting will help you identify future sales trends and adapt them to your own business reality.