7th Sales & Marketing Officers Meeting

7th Sales & Marketing Officers Meeting - IESE Business School



What are the keys to leading an excellent sales team in the current economic context?
How can sales directors recruit and develop stellar sales teams?
How can sales directors successfully supervise, evaluate and compensate a motivated sales team in today’s market?
What tools do the best sales directors employ?
How do the best sales networks achieve their outstanding results?

Sales teams often mark the difference between the success or failure of even the most solid business plans. The 7th Marketing and Sales Officers Meeting will explore the most effective tools and best practices of the top sales networks to learn to do what they have already mastered: marking the difference.

At the foundation of stellar sales teams are three common traits: knowledge, power and passion. However, these important qualities don’t occur by coincidence: they have to be nurtured and maintained.

To build an excellent sales team, you must choose your sales professionals carefully, develop them based on your company’s unique needs, and anticipate future challenges. You must also be able to manage your sales team – and effectively supervise and evaluate each of its members – to develop its maximum potential in today’s climate of economic uncertainty.

Finally, you must know how to keep your sales team motivated and committed through fluid channels of communication and tools designed to help you meet objectives. The meeting will also analyze practices and trends extrapolated from the latest IESE research.


The Marketing and Sales Officers Meetings is designed for: 

  • General managers 
  • Sales directors 
  • Marketing and sales directors