7th Insurance Industry Meeting



Rethinking strategies in the Insurance Business

These are disruptive times for the insurance industry.

The combination of globalization, increasing regulation, monetary policies and the digitalization of industry activities is leading many insurance companies to completely revamp their strategies.

The first section of the Industry Meeting will focus on the current strategy of the world’s leading insurance companies.

The second section will include an analysis of the effects of the European Central Bank’s monetary policies, as well as a discussion of changes in investment policies, the supply of life insurance products and the possible change in business models.

Finally, we will analyze digitalization, which is driving major change in the insurance business as a decisive factor that doesn’t just provide increased profitability, but also involves a shift in the insurance company culture. We’ll use the digitalization of the automotive insurance industry as an example to weigh the pros and cons of its implementation.

Another key point of discussion stems from the increase in clients’ ethical demands, which can be related to actual insurance products and also to the way companies handle incidents. It has become essential for each company to revamp its own strategy to ensure its future.

Jointly organized with EY based on the theme Reformulating Strategies in the Insurance Industry, the 7th Insurance Industry Meeting will encourage reflection on how company strategies can be redefined in a context characterized by major changes. To achieve this, relevant figures from the business world, experts and academics, along with national and international lawmakers, will provide a coherent, well-ordered analysis of the topics that are shaping the challenges of the insurance industry.