3rd Real Estate Industry Meeting




The real estate industry is starting to bounce back and regain its rightful place in the economy. Real estate investment is now much the same in Spain as it is in the most developed countries and real estate investment trusts (REITs) appear to be here to stay. The highly international activity of real estate investment even seems to be on the brink of a restructuring process – a real sign of industry maturity.

Development is focused mainly on residential projects and is starting to make inroads with widespread sales and new construction close to levels before the financial crisis. Prices are no longer dropping and institutional clarifications will further drive the industry.

Though industry stakeholders are aware of the possible difficulties, the atmosphere is optimistic and the consensus seems to be that the improvisations of the past will not be repeated. There are new operators, new practices, new markets, more refined products and a healthy ambition to take advantage of this moment in time.

The Third Real Estate Industry Meeting, organitzed with IESE-CIF and with the collaboration of Aguirre Newman and Tinsa, based on the theme Real Estate and Society, will provide an opportunity to reflect on how company strategies can be redefined in a context of recovery and new opportunities. To achieve this, relevant figures from the business world, experts and academics, along with policy makers and regulators at the Spanish and global level, will provide a coherent, well-ordered analysis of the topics that are shaping the challenges of the real estate industry.