23rd Healthcare Industry Meeting


Towards Value-Based Healthcare

We are on the brink of a new era in healthcare. Given this new reality, the triple aim is gaining ground (better care for patients, better health for the population, and reduced per capita spending on healthcare). The driving idea behind it all is value-based healthcare. However, despite the growing acceptance of these concepts, little progress has yet to be made in this direction. How can we make value-based healthcare a reality? Should we consider a new business model in this context? What are the opportunities for innovation in this industry? How can we engage patients to achieve this goal? What major challenges need to be overcome to achieve the triple aim? How are different stakeholders working together? What key innovations will revolutionize healthcare?

The Meeting offers a first-class platform for top executives, healthcare professionals, academics, policy makers and field experts to share their experiences, provide insight on the current state and future of the industry, and continue to seek innovative ways to respond to the incredible changes affecting the healthcare sector.

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