22nd Healthcare Industry Meeting

22nd Healthcare Industry Meeting - IESE Business School



We are facing a new reality: Unprecedented long life expectancy is leading to a dramatic increase in chronic conditions; budgetary pressures remain strong; new knowledge is booming and patient´s are more informed and empowered than ever. In a sector where innovation is not only key for the survival of its companies and providers but also where it has a dramatic impact on the health and wellness of millions of people, how could we leverage innovation in all its dimensions?

The 22nd Healthcare Industry Meeting will focus on the different strategies that are emerging in the sector: How can innovation in IT help make the sector more efficient? Is big data the answer? How will an increasingly involved patient impact the way in which healthcare is being delivered? How can we provide quality treatments at affordable prices? Which types of innovation in financing are needed? How can the sector innovate and leverage partnerships to provide outcome-based healthcare? Where does the industry stand right now? How will it have to manage innovation?

The event offers a first-class platforms to top executives, healthcare professionals, academics and field experts to share their experiences and provide their insight on the current state and future of the industry to continue to seek innovative ways to respond to the incredible changes affecting the healthcare sector.


This meeting is aimed at senior executives in the pharmaceutical industry, the health-technology sector, hospitals, entrepreneurs and experts working in the healthcare industry. It will also appeal to people responsible for government healthcare policies and public healthcare institutions.