21st ICT & Digital Media Industry Meeting

21st ICT & Digital Media Industry Meeting


It’s a clear fact that our society is now “digital”, which changes almost everything. While digitalization has been going on for some time, it is now reaching new heights thanks to advances in areas such as connectivity, mobility, data access and cloud computing. Technology is (almost) ready for a full transformation, but are we also ready for the “digital transformation of society”?

Consider a technology like 3D printing. It needs improvement and has to be cheaper, but it is moving fast. It is almost ready to change everything. Will it become an easy way to send an object home so it can be printed? How will it change global sourcing of specialized parts? How will it impact medicine? Now is the time to start thinking and experimenting with the new business models made possible by technology. And this is just one example.

At this event, we willl discuss five different strategic issues related to the transformation of society and the future perspectives and business potential of such a transformation. We will be talking about the strategic impact of connected and smart objects, how industries are changing, the different positioning choices being made available and how firms can build competitive advantage in this new situation. Based on this framework, we will focus on two interesting topics that arise from the consequences of broad connectivity, i.e., smart cities and the business opportunities arising from sensor infrastructures.

We will also create a model to understand how digital density increase affects each industry and business activity in a different way. Furthermore, we will focus on the development of multi-channel networks in the multimedia arena.