21st Healthcare Industry Meeting



The 21st Healthcare Industry Meeting, organized with KPMG, is a leading platform for industry senior executives, policy makers, professionals and academics share their experiences and seek innovative ways to respond to the incredible changes affecting the industry. With more than 20 editions of experience, it features speakers, panel discussion and networking opportunities.

This year's meeting, entitled Propelling Change focuses on successful experiences in the current unique environment for healthcare. A lot has been said about the need for structural reforms, but what should we do to make this change a reality? How can companies overcome the challenges in the development and implementation of new innovations? How can the different agents find a common ground to achieve the Triple Aim of better health, lower costs and better care experience? What are the implications of the movement towards a more patient-centric care?


This meeting is aimed at entrepreneurs, senior executives in the pharmaceutical industry, the health-technology sector, hospitals and experts working in the healthcare industry. It will also appeal to people responsible for government healthcare policies and public healthcare institutions.