2nd E-Commerce Meeting


Forty percent of Europeans are already active e-shoppers. These 331 million people purchased four billion parcels in 2015, generating 2.5% of European GDP*. E-commerce’s contribution to GDP continues to grow, recently reaching two-digit figures, yet estimates indicate that the sector is still in an early growth stage and is about to really take off.

We anticipated exponential growth in this sector at our previous e-Commerce Industry Meeting and, in the months that have followed, the omnipresence of mobile technology, new digital behavior and innovative startups on the scene have enabled e-Commerce to play a more decisive role in traditional trade and create a myriad of new business opportunities.

E-commerce has been a driver of many different sectors, such as entertainment, classified ads and travel, all of which have been radically overhauled by this technology. The new program in the works will provide an update on these industries, explore the state of the art of e-Commerce, put you in touch with worldwide leaders from disrupting companies, and share our research results with senior directors to gain insight into the real status of e-Commerce at their firms.

(*source: European B2C E-Commerce Report 2015)