19th Food & Beverage Industry Meeting

19th Food & Beverage Industry Meeting


The Road to 2025 and Beyond: How Will We Live, Eat and Drink and What Role Will the Food and Beverage Industry Play?

2025. Delhi: 36 million people. Lagos: 24 million. Will markets still be open spaces where fresh produce is sold from storefronts or will they be replaced by distribution warehouses and supply chains? Will we buy things and pay for them with our cell phones? Shanghai: 30 million people with substantial purchasing power and an average age of 35 to 45. Will they still go to the grocery store in person or will that task be relegated to the family robot?

What will the foods of the future be like? Will we still drink liquid milk or will we get our dairy requirements from a daily tablet? What will the greatest innovations in agriculture, industry, distribution and the HORECA channel be? Will the chef at our favorite restaurant have our personal data and know how much salt we like on our food? How will the Internet of Things affect the food and beverage industry? Will we be talking about Industry 8.0 or Industry 4.0? Will the “iPhone 14” alert us when we’re running out of pasta, rice or chicken?

At IESE’s 19th Food and Beverage Industry Meeting, organized with Deloitte, we will examine how the world will change in the decades ahead and attempt to outline the most important future trends in socioeconomics, demographics, export markets and consumption, and in terms of innovation in agriculture, industry and food and beverage production. What changes should be made in distribution? The idea will be to reflect on the direction our industry in particular and society in general are heading.

The participants at the Industry Meeting will receive the third edition of the invaluable 2015 Vademecum, which includes the Food and Beverage Attractiveness Index, as well as updated data and information on the leading export markets.

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